Jax tyres and auto video vehicle


JAX Tyres & Auto, one of Australia’s most respected tyre retailers and mechanical service providers, has announced that its industry-first program offering remote video vehicle checks is now also available to NSW customers.



The rollout extension of the JAX Video Vehicle Checks occurs after successfully implementing the initiative for Melbourne customers in 2020, to offer peace of mind for those who were concerned about vehicle maintenance during Stage four lockdowns at the time.

While JAX Tyres & Auto continues regular operations as a government-legislated essential service, this form of remote customer service is now available across NSW and Victoria for customers who want to exercise utmost caution to safeguard their health, live in close proximity to vulnerable members of
the community, are under stay-at-home restrictions or otherwise require a convenient
initial vehicle check.

“It’s certainly been a strange and stressful time in recent memory, so we understand that many of our customers are seeking support and surety on top of the ease and convenience that our core services provide. The JAX Video Vehicle Checks combine the best capabilities of our digital platform and knowledge of our store teams, so all of our customers, regardless of their circumstances, can get the expert help they need,” said CEO and Executive Director of JAX Tyres & Auto Steve Grossrieder.



NSW and Victorian-based drivers can book and access JAX Video Vehicle checks via the webchat to SMS functionality on JAX Tyres & Auto’s website. Customers will then be connected with a qualified JAX Tyres & Auto technician who will conduct remote visual inspections and provide one-on-one expert mechanical and tyre advice and information.