Jetts Founder Awarded Australia’s Top Young Entrepreneur


Jetts founder, Brendon Levenson was named Ernst & Young Emerging Australian Entrepreneur of the Year at the recent awards ceremony in Sydney.

The 33-year-old Queenslander revolutionised the Australian fitness industry, when he and wife Cristy introduced 24/7, contract free, low cost gym memberships that rivalled traditional gyms.

Launching Jetts in 2007 with just $40,000 in capital and a bank overdraft, Brendon franchised the business in 2008 with the dream of opening a club within eight minutes of 80 per cent of Australians.

Jetts has since grown more than 200 per cent year-on-year, to include a network of more than 190 Jetts clubs across Australia and New Zealand, servicing 200,000 members.

Levenson said his core drive is shaping the business around the customer, giving them the freedom of choice to work out on their terms.

“Customers have voted with their feet and the number of 24/7 gyms to follow Jetts’ lead is a testament to the success of this insight,” Levenson said.

Raised in public housing by his single mother, Levenson followed the path of many entrepreneurs before him when he decided to drop out of university and start his own business in his early 20s.

After convincing his grandmother to lend him some money, he started a personal training business, purchased a gym and began developing the blueprint of what is today a business forecasted to turnover $120 million in revenue this financial year.

“If you create and maintain an outstanding value proposition for your customer, which also works commercially, then you have the foundations for a great company.”

The future only looks brighter for the young entrepreneur, with international expansion planned for 2013.

“I could never have imaged in 2007 we would be taking the business internationally in just six years’ time.

“As entrepreneurs, our ideas remain as only ideas without the ongoing efforts of a great team.
“I truly stand on the shoulders of our entire network who devote their lives to Jetts, when accepting this award.”

Levenson is pleased to shed some pearls of wisdom for other budding entrepreneurs.

“Have a bold vision to makes a real dent in the world, maintain a relentless hunger to see your vision through, and focus on fanatical discipline in everything you do.

“Finally, make sure there is a real purpose behind your brand, as a brand without purpose is not a brand for long.”