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Jim Penman appoints CEO of Jim’s Group

Jim Penman has appointed Tino Grossi as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jim’s Group.

Australia’s largest franchise group will now be led by both Grossi and Penman, as Jim Penman has taken on the role of Founder and Managing Director. Jim Penman remains the motivational force for the Group’s Franchisors and Franchisees, however Tino Grossi will now jointly make all key decisions regarding the company.

Tino Grossi has earned CEO title during the past three years, as under Tino’s guardianship, the Jim’s Group has increased its total revenue performance by a significant 14 per cent and continues to grow  with a supportive team.

Jim and Tino are an unbeatable pair. Tino is commercially oriented, entrepreneurial and enjoys people management as he intuitively knows how to improve team performance. In recent years, Tino has  created a new culture and standard of performance by encouraging employees, Franchisors and Franchisees about the importance of a great team around you – rather than great individuals working  independently.

Meanwhile, Jim focuses on Franchisee welfare, compliance and customer satisfaction which drives the infrastructure and is the lifeblood of the business. Jim’s hands on experience in franchising allows  Jim’s Group to transfer its infrastructure across verticals.

The recent Penman Grossi leadership announcement has been warmly welcomed by the 3800 Franchisees and 350 Franchisors across 52 Divisions in the Jim’s Group.

“With Tino on board, there is nothing to stop Jim’s Group doubling its growth in coming years and it marks another exciting chapter of local and international expansion for the business,” said Jim  Penman.

“It’s a privilege to work with Tino as he’s an outstanding leader with sharp business acumen. This has earned him terrific support from staff, Franchisees and Franchisors, which gives him a mandate to  change things. He also challenges me on what is right for the business and with great intentions which I welcome and appreciate.”

Since Tino joined Jim’s Skips in 2014, financial returns have grown by 100 per cent and Jim’s Group continues to grow by five per cent each year. Following 18 years of focus and unprecedented success  in the agriculture business and entrepreneurship, Tino Grossi is well placed to take responsibility to align the company, both internally and externally. Like Jim, Tino is a self-made man who identified a  niche in the market and his entrepreneurial skills led to unprecedented success. In Jim’s case it was exceptional customer service in lawn mowing and Tino’s story involves the rare invention and  production of broccolini.

Having been born and raised on Aussie farms, Tino pursued horticultural studies which led to his role as cocreator of broccolini/bambini broccoli in 1995. He was fast selling 6000 cases per week and the  consequent royalties afforded him the luxury of early retirement in 2011. He embraced the prospect of a lifetime of leisure, however within 12 months he was bored and sought the next business challenge. Following introductions to Jim Penman in 2013, Tino liked what he saw in the business and its people. He took on a part time Franchisor role for the Eastern Region of Skip Bins and within nine months his group offranchisees had grown from 11 to 16.

With his entrepreneurial spirit thriving, Tino created positive growth changes that his group valued, including proudly becoming the first Division to recycle between 50-60 per cent of its waste. In January 2014, Tino became the Divisional Manager of the Skip Bins Group which grew from 51 to 65 franchisees and currently includes 71 franchisees. In mid 2014, Tino took on Jim’s Pest Control which was  demanding changes from its 49 franchises and he quickly grew the business by 12 per cent and to 65 franchisees.

In February 2015, Tino took on a full-time role and was playing the role of Chief Operating Officer. In mid 2017, Tino officially accepted his title and travelled to Canada and the United Kingdom where  he focused on national and international growth.

“It’s a great honour to work with Jim and to help the Group reach its full potential which is enormous. Each of our 52 Divisions is about grow their own sales team and many of these small but strategic  changes can make big positive differences to the Group,” said Tino Grossi.

“Jim and I have a clear shared vision for business growth and we’re driven by the same thing, which is to enjoy our work and to help others succeed. We both get a real kick out of helping people identify  the perks and freedom that comes with running their own Franchise, and to help them build a business earning from $100K to $300K is very rewarding. Together, we see the ability in people and help  them grow their confidence, opportunities and their success.”

About Jim’s Group
From mowing lawns, to cleaning houses or installing antennas Jim’s Group has 52 Divisions and 3,800 Franchisees and 350 Franchisors in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. The  Group estimates that it serves more than 100,000 customers each week.

When Jim Penman studied his PhD in history, it wasn’t remotely on his radar to build a multimillion dollar global franchise business. Jim mowed lawns part-time to make his way through university. In  1982, having failed to secure an academic post, he launched a full-time business with a marketing budget of $24, In 1989 he began franchising. By focusing relentlessly on service to Franchisees and  customers and being highly selective as to who he put on, the business grew into what is now a national brand.


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