Jim’s Car Cleaning


Haydar Hussein and Ali Olmez are a formidable team. A partnership that developed in 2006, Haydar and Ali are now the driving force behind the success of Jim’s Car Cleaning franchise.

Jim’s Car Cleaning is one of the six divisions of the Jim’s Cleaning Group Empire which is directed by Haydar Hussein. Other divisions include Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, General Cleaning, Pressure Cleaning and Blind Cleaning.

Haydar started many years ago with his own cleaning business and was doing extremely well. But he realised he was building a business he couldn’t sell. He knew he needed a national brand. He met with Jim in 2001 and merged his cleaning business with the Jim’s Group. Haydar then proceeded to segment the individual cleaning services of Jim’s Group so that each could develop and grow independently. Now with a total of 470 franchisees in the cleaning group. Haydar is working with Ali to expand the Jim’s Car Cleaning Division.

Ali has had a similar path, working his way quickly to the top. Ali joined Jim’s group in 2006 by becoming a franchisor for ‘Jim’s Carpet Cleaning’ division. Ali’s savvy marketing skills helped the division attain 150 per cent growth within the first three months. He then purchased several other franchises and became the Jim’s Carpet Cleaning franchisor for the entire state of Victoria. Ali then sold his successful carpet cleaning master franchise and purchased the divisional rights for Jim’s Car Cleaning.

This powerhouse partnership has now managed to drive the car cleaning division to new heights. Jim’s Car Cleaning is now on its way to being the largest car cleaning franchise in Australia.

In this time of substantial growth, Ali and Haydar are looking for the ideal candidates to become franchisees. The right attitude is key. Potential franchisees should be motivated and customer focused. The rest will fall into place. They are also looking for someone to take on the role of Master Franchise. They know this is a unique and timely opportunity as once all the regions are sold it is very unlikely that a Master Franchise opportunity will come up again.

Franchisees who join Jim’s Cleaning Group receive a specific territory. They then build up a base clientele. If they are dedicated and motivated they can then take part of their client base and sell it to other franchisees. This allows for even greater income earning potential.

Ali and Haydar are committed to helping their new franchisees be successful.

Haydar believes that franchisees who are deserving should move up within the company.

‘Part of my personal motivation is to see people close to me improve their life by giving opportunities to those who deserve it. Ali is one of those people.’

As Jim’s group is so large and established, the company provides extensive training and support, as well as advertising and a dedicated members area on their website.

If you are interested in joining Jim’s Cleaning Group and having the knowledge and support of Haydar and Ali behind you, now is the time. The duo have a goal of 600 franchisees by the end of 2011 and a staggering 1000 franchisees by the end of 2012.

For further information on Jim’s Cleaning Group contact:

Phone: 131 546

Web: www.jimscleaning.net.au