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Jim’s Hold Regional Conference Program 

Every year the Jim’s Pool Care division of the Jim’s Group holds a national conference for all Franchisee’s across Australia to attend. These conferences are a great time to learn about industry trends and new products release, catch up with old friends, meet new Franchisees and network with each other and suppliers within the industry. This year, Jim’s Pool Care decided to do something a little different and developed a regional conference program to ensure maximum attendance and engagement.

This Jim’s Pool Care regional conference program allowed for greater local attendance and also Franchisees were able to save money in travel and accommodation. It also gave the Franchisor’s a chance to flex their creative muscles and take on a bigger leadership role in designing a fun educational conference. By holding a regional conference program, the Jim’s Pool Care division showed their faith in their Franchisor’s to not only put together a conference for their region, but also a chance to step up to extra responsibility, ultimately giving them an opportunity to grow as leaders.

With many successful regional conferences completed with positive feedback from franchisees already, and a few more to be held in the coming months, Jim’s Pool Care is trialling a new method for others to follow, by creating new opportunities for growth in both local regional training and larger annual events. Jim’s Pool Care is currently finalising details of their 2024 National Conference and it should be a great one!