Jim’s Mowing founder hits out at Daniel Andrews over lockdown mower ban


Jim’s Mowing founder Jim Penman has taken aim again at Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews over his ban on mowers working during the Stage 4 coronavirus lockdown.


Mr Penman said he believed the Premier’s decision to deem lawn mowing a non-essential service “is a ridiculous measure that has caused misery to tens of thousand of Victorians.”


“I would defy the Premier to name one person in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere in the world who has caused or caught an infection while working alone in someone’s garden,” he said.


“We totally support the wearing of masks and other measures to control this infection, what we’re saying is what the Premier has done is he’s ruling as a tyrant.”


The businessman said he was not encouraging workers to ignore the lockdown rules, pointing out that advice from Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services suggests that sole operators can continue mowing lawns during lockdown.

Premier Andrews said it would come a “matter for Victoria Police” if any Jim’s Mowing contractors breached public health rules.