According to recent Australian studies, 1 in 4 children now fall into the overweight and obese categories. 

John Pirlo, founder of Ninja Parc—a new franchise business by Belgravia Health and Fitness—has been an advocate for physical activity and getting kids moving for 20 years. As a child, he was teased for being overweight which inspired him to pursue a career in health and fitness.

“We all know that we need to move our bodies more and encourage our kids to do the same. We also know that kids and adults will be more inclined to choose an activity if it involves fun and play. This is where Ninja Parc comes in. We have created a place where children and adults can have fun running, jumping, climbing—doing all the things our bodies were designed to do,” he said.

With the majority of Australians spending a large chunk of 2020 indoors, since COVID-19 restrictions have lifted, business at Ninja Parc is booming, with visitation surpassing pre-Covid numbers and party revenue up 33 percent compared to the previous year.

“Since reopening, we’ve seen a real shift in mindset. Parents are really prioritising physical-based activities as a way to spend the weekend with kids and to keep them active,” he added.

Ninja Parc is the latest venture of Belgravia Health and Fitness, a fitness franchise that supports more than 100 franchise locations across the country.