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KFC to raise money for Aussie youth

The KFC Youth Foundation has released its second annual Youth Confidence Report. The report is a deep dive into how Aussie youth are feeling and their opinions and attitudes into challenges and topics of biggest concern, uncovering a crisis in confidence in young Aussies.

Nationally there has been a slight uptick, with confidence levels rising to 6 out of 10 in our Youth Confidence Index, up from 5.5 last year. Fewer young people experienced a lack of confidence every day this year than last. But the stark fact remains that Australian youth confidence is still in crisis. Fewer than one in five young people feel confident enough to be themselves in all areas of their lives.

The report found an astounding eight out of 10 young Australians have experienced a mental health issue, with close to 40 per cent reporting that their lack of confidence has left them feeling depressed, while just over 60 per cent have felt stressed or anxious.

One of the most striking findings within this year’s report is the gender gap in relation to youth confidence. While youth confidence is a big issue, it’s even more prevalent among young women. Forty-eight per cent of young women experience a crisis of confidence most days or every day – almost 20 per cent more than men (31 per cent) 

Overall when looking at the future, the findings painted a challenging outlook, with an astonishing 81 per cent of young Australians not very confident that school and/or tertiary education will prepare them to land a job and 57 per cent of young Australians don’t think they’ll ever be able to move out of their home and stand on their own feet.

Social media, government, media and industry were attributed to the negative responses with general themes of distrust and doubt. Three in four say the rise of influencers has created more social pressures and mental health issues such as anxiety. That said, 81 per cent take it with a pinch of salt, saying they’re aware that the life influencers portray on their social channels is not a true reflection of their real life.

With pessimism seemingly growing, a mere 17 per cent believe the government will leave Australia a better place for the young people of today and only 19 per cent having faith in companies to make decisions that will consider young people in the future. 79 per cent reported media misrepresents them, affecting their confidence to succeed.

With 2/3 of young people not very confident that Australia will hold plenty of opportunity for them in the future, the KFC Youth Foundation hopes to raise awareness of the crisis in confidence through these findings, and support organizations that implement change through a variety of programs.


Managing Director of KFC Australia, Nikki Lawson said “When people under-25 make up 90 per cent of your team, it’s clearly a no-brainer. We were inspired to launch the KFC Youth Foundation in 2018 after seeing how the personal development, life skills and training initiatives that we provide to our employees helped them to be themselves. We want to help give all young Aussies opportunities to succeed and achieve, and even out the playing field for those who may face more or just a different set of challenges than others”


“This year’s survey results show there is more to be done to ensure all young Aussies feel the confidence they need to thrive. But we know we can’t do it alone, that’s why we’ve been working with five incredible charity partners, ReachOut, Whitelion, StreetWork, Youngcare and Reach. They have been doing some amazing work to help young Australians confidently take on the challenges life throws at them.”


This year the KFC Youth Foundation aims to raise $1.5 million through driving awareness of the youth confidence crisis and issues young Aussies are facing. For the first time ever, KFC restaurants around Australia will launch ‘Chip In For Youth’ week, where customers will be able to purchase a limited-edition bucket of KFC chips. From every purchase, $1 dollar will be donated directly to the five charity partners via the KFC Youth Foundation. Money raised will fund the charities’ projects and mentorship programs to support Aussie youth, helping them to thrive not just survive.


From 6th – 12th August ‘Chip In For Youth’ week will be taking place with limited-edition buckets of KFC chips available nationwide.