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Kwik Kopy Launches Magazine Celebrating Entrepreneurs and Creativity

To celebrate the launch of its magazine, ‘Possible’, Australia’s leading printing and marketing service provider, Kwik Kopy Australia, held an event on 31 August 2023, at Green Moustache in North Sydney. Hosted by Kwik Kopy Australia’s CEO, Sonia Shwabsky, 22 entrepreneurs, business owners and media from all walks of life gathered to network and engage in the launch.

Teaming up with Engage Media, Kwik Kopy proudly presented the “Possible Magazine” – a powerful testament to the wonders achieved when human passion meets innovation and tenacity. In an era saturated with digital and AI-driven content, Kwik Kopy champions the tactile magic of print. The magazine is established on the belief that the physical touch of a story leaves an indelible mark and ensures inspirational narratives resonate more deeply with its readers.

“Having worked in the marketing of businesses for many years, it has always been my dream to bring high-quality, beautiful content to life in the physical form of print. Each issue will serve as a beacon of inspiration, shining a light on those trailblazing entrepreneurs and creative geniuses who turn their groundbreaking ideas into reality,” said Sonia Shwabsky, CEO of Kwik Kopy Australia, in her opening speech.

The first issue of Possible sees focus on Sendle Founder, James Chin Moody, who took on the outlandish mission of challenging a government-owned postal service. It also highlights other stories of creatives, including Jordy Wilson, an influencer and content creator, who spoke at the event.

The launch gathered entrepreneur attendees including Liam Gostencnik, Co-Founder of Bae Juice, Thomas and Anabelle Burns, Co-Founders of Femme Organic, and TikToker and small-business owner, Ebony May.

“Kwik Kopy stands firm in our belief that creativity has the power to reshape our world. And with ‘Possible’, we offer a stage for those pioneering individuals who, with their work, are indeed reshaping our collective future. To every entrepreneur, marketer, designer, and anyone who appreciates creativity’s profound power: ‘Possible’ is your narrative… We trust that ‘Possible’ will resonate with your own stories of innovation and perseverance,” Shwabsky continued.

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