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La Porchetta Supports the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation

La Porchetta is delighted to announce its support for the newly formed Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation.

Moira Kelly is renowned for her humanitarian work bringing to Australia children with serious health problems that their own doctors are unable to treat. This month she launched the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation to provide comfort, hope, protection and safety to children and families from overseas and Australia who need it most.

Chair of the Foundation, La Porchetta CEO, Sara Pantaleo recently oversaw renovations to the inner-Melbourne house where Moira lives with the children in her care. She met Moira Kelly almost 15 years ago at a fundraising event and was deeply touched by her selflessness and by the children in her care. Sara, her brother, Rocky Pantaleo and the La Porchetta group immediately began supporting Moira’s work. Rocky and his business partner, Felice Nania fed Moira and her children at their Carlton restaurant and La Porchetta held functions for the children at Moira’s farm and ran fundraising events at their annual conference.

In recent years, Moira stepped back from many of her previous engagements to provide intensive care to the formerly co-joined twins, Krishna and Trishna following their marathon surgical separation. It was a deeply transformative time that redefined for her what hope really means and as the result, she created the Foundation.

She says of that experience, “Caring for Krishna and Trishna changed me. Now I just want to take on causes that are in the ‘too hard’ basket. Where there is a little bit of hope, there is a tomorrow. This is the next phase of my giving.”

Moira’s Foundation will provide support for children and families from overseas and Australia who have not been able to receive help elsewhere. Ultimately, it will work to help children and families help themselves, so they can be as fully independent as possible and live full lives in the community.

Moira Kelly’s work is funded almost entirely by donations. See more at