Laser Clinics Australia To Open its 100th Clinic in Wendouree


Laser Clinics Australia to open its 100th clinic in Wendouree

Laser Clinics Australia will open its 100th clinic at Wendouree Stockland Shopping Centre on the 28th of June 2018.

Laser Clinics Australia is Australia’s leading provider of laser hair removal, skin treatments and cosmetic injections. The company recently announced a new brand personality and striking black-and- white visual identity.

Clinic owner, Tony Seers, is thrilled to bring these incredible services to the local community.

“We want Laser Clinics Australia Wendouree to become a known local business with a sense of community at heart,” he says.

With a background in renewable energy, Seers became eager to get involved with Laser Clinics Australia after learning more about the company and the service they offer through his wife and business  partner. Seers is overjoyed to bring Laser Clinics Australia to the Wendouree area and looks forward to becoming involved with the local community.

“I have a lot of business management experience and I am a strong leader. I hope to bring some unique sales insights, as well as people skills and a strong team to the LCA network and Wendouree community,” says Seers.

Australians now spend $1billion annually on non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Laser hair removal, cosmetic injections and skin treatments have become part of a regular beauty routine, for both women  and men.

The Laser Clinics Australia team delivers four million treatments annually, the most popular being laser hair removal, followed by anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments.

Opening Specials

Laser Clinics Australia Wendouree Special Offer: Pre-pay 6+ treatments and receive 50% off Laser Hair Removal and Skin Treatments*

For further information please call (03) 8592 0118

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About Laser Clinics Australia

Since launching in 2008, Laser Clinics Australia has set the standard for industry best practice, customer service, safety, accessibility and affordability. With over four million treatments annually, 90+  clinic, 850 000 customers and a medical team of more than 140 Doctors and Registered Nurses, Laser Clinics recognises that every individual has a different take on their own appearance. We inspire  confidence in individuals and deliver the treatments and results to make you, you.

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