Laser Clinics Australia


Opportunity for a Perfect Match

A husband-and-wife couple are loving life and business as the new franchisees of a Laser Clinics Australia business in regional New South Wales.

Trent Schumi concedes that making the switch from the earthmoving equipment sector to the cosmetic treatments industry has been a big call – and he could not be happier.

With his wife Samantha, he opened the doors to a Laser Clinics Australia franchise in Port Macquarie, NSW, in June last year, giving their regional clients access to affordable laser hair removal, skin treatments and cosmetic injectables.

‘Coming from a coal-mining and heavy earthmoving background, where you spend 14 hours a day getting absolutely filthy, to completely flipping it over to a female-dominated industry – it’s just a completely different field,’ Trent admits. ‘But I’m really enjoying the clinic life and being part of such a great team.’


One big family

As part of the booming aesthetics industry, Australians are spending more than $1 billion a year on cosmetic treatments. Last year alone, Laser Clinics Australia performed more than 3 million treatments, confirming the franchise’s status as a market leader.

Such success is well known to Samantha, a registered nurse who had worked for a few years as a cosmetic injector at Laser Clinics franchises in Maitland and Erina, NSW, after originally being a client who received laser hair removal treatments.

That experience convinced her and Trent to apply to become a husband-and-wife franchisee team, ultimately gaining the rights to the Port Macquarie clinic. ‘I had seen the business model and had no hesitation in investing in Laser Clinics,’ Samantha says. ‘We haven’t looked back.’

The couple have three young children and live on a 20-acre rural property half an hour from the clinic. The business marriage is working well, too. Trent is the nominated manager and franchisee responsible for the day-to-day running of the clinic and leading the team and sales; co-owner Samantha leads the cosmetic injector team. ‘And we don’t tend to cross those lines unless we really need to,’ she says.

The formula is clearly working, with the Schumi pair recently being named Laser Clinics Australia Rookies of the Year. ‘We’re one big happy family, to be honest, and I love working with Trent,’ Samantha says. ‘Wouldn’t change a thing. I enjoy going to work with my husband every day.’


Leadership role

Although Trent is working in a very different environment to his earthmoving equipment days, his sales and team-building experience have been invaluable in his new role.

He believes team culture is the single most important factor driving the success of the Port Macquarie clinic, which has attracted a strong clientele from day one. ‘That’s one of my passions – to be able to lead teams to success,’ he says.

Trent says the presence of other male franchisees in the Laser Clinics group shows that it is not just a sector for women. ‘Of course, it’s quite a challenge to come across and learn different methods of communication with female staff and clients. I’ve learnt more about myself in the past 10 months and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. I’d encourage other males to look at the opportunities.’

On the back of a diverse mix of franchisees, Laser Clinics Australia has thrived since its launch in 2008. Most recently, it was named the Franchise Council of Australia Emerging Franchisor for 2018; it was ranked in the top 50 of the Smart50 Awards last year; and in 2016 it took out Smart Company’s Smart50 Top Franchise award.

Samantha believes the Laser Clinics model also provides a pathway for cosmetic injectors and therapists to become franchisees. ‘Laser Clinics is so supportive of career progression, so it gives staff something to really aim for.’


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