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Laser Clinics Australia Set to Lead Industry again with bold new Brand Identity

Laser Clinics Australia is set to revolutionise the industry once again with a new and forward-thinking brand personality that celebrates our freedom to look the way we choose.

Laser Clinics Australia will spearhead the movement that says it’s ok to celebrate your unique qualities, to play up your defining features, to celebrate what makes you “you”.

The movement asks: “What’s your youness?”

“What’s your youness?” was developed following six months of intensive customer research which uncovered the truth that we want to be free to make our own choices about our looks, without feeling judged.

“It’s your looks, it’s your choice. That is our mantra,” says Nicole West, Laser Clinics Australia Head of Marketing.

“We want to empower people to celebrate their youness,” continues West. “Youness is a combination of the many things that make us unique,” she continues. “The dictionary lacked a word to aptly capture this, so we created one.”

Laser Clinics Australia has set the standard for industry best practice, customer service, safety, accessibility and affordability since launching in 2008.  The company opens its 89th clinic today at The Glen in Melbourne.

“Our experienced team delivers four million treatments a year,” says West.

Australians spend $1billion annually on non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal and cosmetic injectables.

“We are all different, we all have our own ideals of beauty and we all have different things that make us happy – and that is our ‘youness’. Our role as a brand is to support and empower people on their individual journey, and our entire business can unite behind this philosophy,” explains West.

“What’s your youness” runs nationally from 19 October 2017.