Lukumades Greek doughnuts rolls onto the world


When you’re known world-wide for slinging Greek doughnuts this good, not even a global pandemic can keep thousands of loyal customers apart from their favourite Lukumades or stop Australia’s much-loved franchise from bringing its unique brand of Greek doughnuts to a global audience.

Such is the faith that Lukumades founder, Exarhos Sourligas, otherwise known as Mr ‘X’, has in his Greek doughnuts with a modern twist, that Lukumades has not only continued to keep all of its Australian stores open throughout the pandemic, but also launched the first of five stores in Indonesia in September 2020 to critical acclaim.




In the Melbourne and Sydney stores, the pandemic hit hard in early 2020 with the loss of up to 70-80% foot traffic due to lockdown restrictions. However, thanks to Lukumades’ army of hungry fans and pivoting the business to food delivery platforms alongside its bricks and mortar stores, Lukumades remains one of Australia’s biggest success stories.

The next Australian store to open will be Roxburgh Park, in Melbourne’s north in early 2021, followed by more openings across Melbourne and Sydney later in the year. The new store will join national offerings in West Melbourne, Windsor and Carlton in Victoria and Chippendale in New South Wales.



Despite challenging times, the brand has no plans to slow down and will continue growing across Australia and the international market in 2021 and beyond.