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Open a New Window of Opportunity with a Magnetite Franchise

Noise pollution and thermal extremes have long been the two most prominent issues plaguing homeowners. For over 23 years, Magnetite has been adding comfort to homes and offices by providing acoustic and thermal insulation to existing windows and doors, using retrofit glazing systems to convert single glazed windows to the performance of double-glazed windows.


The Magnetite Journey

The story begins in a garage in the inner west suburb of Ashfield in Sydney, 1998, with two brothers, Ben and Adrian Lafleur. After moving to Australia from Canada, the brothers realised how poorly insulated Australian houses were.

In 1998, they bought the rights for the Magnetite® product – a magnetic secondary glazing system that attaches discreetly to the inside of a window – with the intention of focusing on the thermal benefits of double glazing. Right around this time, the Sydney Airport Noise Insulation Program was underway, so the focus quickly pivoted to the soundproofing benefits of the product.

Over the years, the product was refined, with new variations of Magnetite® introduced to now include Classic, Easy Glide and Slider ranges, with multiple thickness levels of glazing; as well as Solartite solar films, Sealtite acoustic and weather seals, and Soundtite secondary aluminium windows and doors.


Magnetite Franchisees

The Magnetite franchisee is ideal for someone with a trade background who is ready to run their own business but still wants the support that franchising offers – a person who enjoys working with clients and is comfortable in a customer-facing role is also essential as most of the business is residential.

To ensure a successful Magnetite operation, a strong work ethic is required, as you need to be actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business, whether that means jumping on the tools to help out on a job, showing the product to a potential customer, or even answering the phone to make sure no leads are missed.

The Magnetite team hold weekly conversations with their franchisees to ensure they are connected to the group and up-to-speed with what is happening across the country, in addition to answering any job-specific questions the franchisee may have. The Magnetite online portal has HR, sales, technical, marketing, admin and production documents available to help franchisees across all aspects of the business.

“And of course, most importantly is our network of small businesses across the country who have firsthand experience doing exactly the same thing. We are all at different stages in the business lifecycle so you can find someone to connect with who can be a sounding board. Never underestimate the importance of being able to just have a chat with someone facing the same issues and celebrate the wins,” says Adrian Lafleur.


Franchising Opportunities

From humble beginnings, the business has now expanded with a strong network of franchises across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. The Magnetite’s window of opportunity is now open for the Brisbane market. Currently Brisbane is the missing link in the Magnetite network. Magnetite do not actively advertise for work in Brisbane as they don’t have a franchise there, however, they are still inundated with enquires. It is certainly a hot market for Magnetite products and services.

The company also have long-term franchisees in Perth, Melbourne and Newcastle who will be looking to exit in the next couple of years, so these are also potential markets for the right candidate.

“After franchising for 20 years we have never resold and existing franchise until this year,” adds Adrian. “We have had a few franchises that have simple reached the end of their contract and decided for one reason or other to walk away; however, most of our franchisees are long term. They have joined and never left. I think this is a testament to the family nature of the business. We don’t burn and churn but rather support a single business in a large territory so there is enough business to keep everyone happy.”