Master Franchise Restructure Complete at the Cheesecake Shop


Announced recently with the expiry of its Master Franchise Agreement in New Zealand, The Cheesecake Shop has finalised the restructure of its successful 21-year-old franchise group.

Over the past four years the master franchise arrangements have progressively expired and been replaced by a field team of franchise support executives employed directly by The Cheesecake Shop.

The 198 franchised bakeries throughout Australia and New Zealand now deal directly with the franchisor.

“In the early years of rapid expansion and limited head office resources, the master franchise structure made sense. However now that we are a mature and experienced franchisor we can achieve improved standards, efficiency and better marketing through a direct relationship with our franchisees” said Managing Director, Warwick Konopacki.

The sixteen New Zealand based bakeries will now be managed by an Auckland based General Manager, Colin Mellar (formerly a senior executive with brands such as McDonalds, Hell Pizza and Pizza Haven) and assisted by David Reid an experienced former Cheesecake Shop franchisee.

The sixteen NZ stores are mostly Auckland based or in nearby regional centres, including Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga and Whangarei. As part of the new direction, The Cheesecake Shop bakery at Tauranga, now operated by the franchisor, is also being refurbished ahead of a recruitment drive to find a new franchisee.

“We see New Zealand as an important growth area and have expansion plans for new bakeries in Wellington, Christchurch and other regional centres. We are excited by this new structure and certainly see it as the way forward for both the brand and our franchisee network” Warwick Konopacki added.