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Melbourne, get ready to hang out at Hakiki

Melbourne, get ready to hang out at Hakiki

The ice cream store that has Sydneysiders queueing down Enmore road all week long is finally coming to Melbourne…and we can’t wait!

Born and raised in the ice cream capital of Maraş, husband and wife team, Nev and Zeyneb Bagriyanik brought this exotic delight to Australia by opening their first Turkish ice cream store, Hakiki, in Newtown, Sydney. Since then, the Hakiki brand has gained a great reputation locally for its friendly yet efficient customer service and community spirit. The brand has grown from strength to strength in a short space of time. Customers view Hakiki as a flavour destination and its exclusive and unique positioning ensures enduring brand value.

Hakiki is unlike anything else. Their business offering is shaped with unique products – traditional baklava, Turkish delight, incredible ice cream and signature Turkish coffee that customers crave. Hakiki ice cream is not like your usual soft-serve or store-bought tub – it’s a completely unique experience. Flavours range from Hazelnut, Pistachio and the most popular – baklava to the unexpected infusion of  melon and feta. But the unique flavour inspiration is what brings customers back every weekend! Hakiki is loved for their rich, creamy and delicious ice cream flavours, but they also have a traditional  Hakiki serving – a plain ice cream with a sprinkling of powdered pistachio, so thick that it’s served with a knife and fork.

Hakiki has partnered with DC Strategy to bring this delicacy to all Australians. With the first two franchised locations currently being confirmed in Melbourne, there are a limited number of opportunities  to carry the Hakiki banner to other cities in Australia.

Nev says, “We want candidates with a sociable personality who can influence and turn their immediate circle of friends and acquaintances into  customers. Someone who embodies our brand vision and is proud to be part of the Hakiki family. Hakiki needs energetic, enthusiastic and young at heart people to work in the business as a committed  owner-operator, as it looks to expand its national footprint.”

If you are passionate about family, tradition and most importantly ice cream, contact DC Strategy today to discuss the potential of you opening your very own Hakiki store.