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Milestone hit for Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Award winner

The opening of three more franchises has helped Scott Hunt take out the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Award in Health and Fitness.

As a finalist in the Young Entrepreneurs Awards for the past three years Scott has finally taken out the win in the Health and Fitness category.  The opening of three new franchises just before the awards which pushed the company to 11 in total, helped secure Scott the hotly contested win.

Scott says “Breaking the milestone of 10 franchisees has been a huge goal of ours, so it’s even more exciting to have this acknowledged with the award.  However the biggest honour is the fact that we have so many franchisees trusting us with their business success and so many clients trusting us with their health.  I couldn’t be prouder of the success they are all having”

Scott began Fitness Enhancement as a 19 year old with just $400 and a passion for changing lives.  After many years of the struggles many small businesses have, Scott got serious about the business side of things and spent more time working on it rather than in it.  This saw Fitness Enhancement quickly become the largest Personal Training company in Queensland.  The Queensland success within his own company served as great proof of concept for franchising across Australia.  In just two short years from the first franchise being sold, Fitness Enhancement now has 11 franchises (10 franchisees plus Scott’s own franchise) across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and is Australia’s third largest Personal Training company.

“We’re excited that even our franchisees who started in October are already profitable and taking on staff, with a view to being the size of my own franchise with around 20 Trainers.  We’re creating businesses and jobs in an industry that is all about helping others”

Despite many saying the fitness industry is oversaturated with Gyms, Scott has created his own niche. Fitness Enhancement 100% private™ Personal Training in their private Studios or the clients home caters to everyday Aussies who don’t feel comfortable going to a Gym or working with a stereotypical meat-head Trainer.  After being able to help thousands of clients succeed who had previously failed in the Gym, rapidly growing Fitness Enhancement is poised to make an even bigger impact on Australians who hate the Gym scene, but want to live life to the fullest.