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Minuteman Press Int’l launches COVID-19 Resource

Join the Coalition Now to Show Support and Solidarity with Local Business Communities in Neighbourhoods Across Australia

Minuteman Press International has launched a new initiative, Bounce Back Australia, to help give back to businesses in local communities that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative is available right now, free to business owners at   


“Bounce Back Australia™ offers two free services to help support all of our neighbouring businesses as we find a way to work together through these unprecedented times. First, we are distributing COVID-19 awareness and prevention posters at no charge to any business in our service areas. Second, we are providing free local advertising on this site to stimulate business and help all of our neighbours overcome the tremendous economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We truly believe that a rising tide will lift all ships, and we want to make sure our communities stay afloat,” says Nick Titus, President, Minuteman Press International.


How It Works:

  • Visit    
  • Select your location and then click on your local office.
  • Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to submit your company’s special offer or supportive message for publishing on our site at no charge. Just upload your logo and the message or offer, and we’ll publish your message in the appropriate category.
  • Your listing will be published for free and you can order your posters via safe delivery if you like. In the event local delivery of posters is not possible, a small shipping charge may apply, but the posters will be free.


The idea for the initiative originated by John Taylor, owner of the Minuteman Press franchise in Nashville, Tennessee. John says, “The day that the CDC guidelines came out to stay at home for the first time, I wondered how it might affect not just my business but Nashville. Everything was just turned off like a light switch after 24 hours. For two days, I found myself thinking about how to best approach this.”


John continues, “I realised that what I need to do is simply engage Nashville. Well, how can I do that? I can’t force it on them nor did I want to. Then, it hit me, and Bounce Back Nashville – now Bounce Back Australia – was born.”


In just one week, John’s idea became a movement. He first engaged Nashville by giving COVID-19 prevention posters as a friendship measure and for solidarity and safety. Then, his idea grew and now he provides fellow businesses and neighbours with the free listings, yard signs, banners, door decals, all to band everybody together in the fight against Coronavirus.


John explains, “I engaged Nashville and Nashville is now engaging with me. We are going to support each other during this time. The response has been absolutely incredible. Everybody is in. Nobody wants to see themselves suffer and everybody has the same community spirit. It has been embraced like I couldn’t have imagined. The Bounce Back Nashville movement has 500 members already, and I am making ads every hour.”


What does this mean to John? “I am so happy to see that Nashville is who Nashville is especially during this time. To see so many people rally around this movement is huge. I am humbled by how well Nashville’s business community is coming together with no vested interest other than solidarity. To watch their eyes open, and say to me what a great idea, it just warms my heart. I look forward to all Minuteman Press franchise owners taking this ball and running with it.”


Nick Titus adds, “When John told us what he was doing in Nashville, we thought it was a brilliant idea. I got on the phone with him and after discussing it we moved quickly to make the Bounce Back initiative available at all of our franchise locations so that we can help lift up other small businesses during this critical time. It’s not just in Nashville but in communities across Australia where we are all in this together, and that’s what Bounce Back Australia is all about.”



Join the coalition now to show your support and solidarity with the business community in your neighbourhood! Visit to get started.

Spread The Word: Share Bounce Back Australia with any business owners who may be interested and help support local business today.

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