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MR Rental searches for Australia’s oldest appliance

Mr Rental is calling on Australian residents to rummage through their cupboards and living rooms to share their older household wonders in the search for Australia’s ‘oldest appliance’.

Mr Rental Marketing and Product Manager Grant Peck said the hunt for the ‘mother-of-all’ antique finds is increasingly popular for vintage hunters these days and the oldest appliance winner may be in the next room.

“More and more people are developing a taste for products in the style of years past, but for many of us such products still play a prominent role in our households,” he said.

“We want to hear your stories about the appliances that have weathered the years and like our leading brand products, have been a life necessity. Appliances that stand the test of time deserve to be rewarded.

“From the 1 July, simply tell us in 25 words or less about your oldest appliance and how it has served you well. The best story and quirkiest find will win a $1000 travel voucher.”

An early entry had the team in “stitches” about a sewing machine that had seen the fashion highs and lows since the seventies.

“Hot pants, puff sleeves, padded shoulders; it’s a story of the decades,” Mr Peck said.

Weighing in at almost 10kg, the Husqvarna Classica 90 model had not only repaired fashion disasters but stitched-up siblings in handmade matching outfits.

“It just goes to show that there is a great story behind every appliance and in this instance, age has everything to do with it,” Mr Peck said.

Entries close at midnight on 25 July and the winner will be posted on Mr Rental’s Facebook page on 29 July.


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