Muffin Break Barista Wins First Place At National Championships


Gold Coast barista, Michael Byrne of Muffin Break Robina, has won first-place in the ‘DaVinci Coffee-Chain Barista Championship’ event held in Melbourne recently.

Beating baristas from Gloria Jeans and Krispy Kreme, the 23 year-old Muffin Break barista of eight years coffee-making experience made the most significant impact on a renowned panel of expert-judges selected by the Australasian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA).

The DaVinci Coffee-Chain Barista Championship called-on contestants from across the nation to proficiently prepare and serve four espressos, four cappuccinos and four signature beverages within 15 minutes.

“I began training for this year’s competition the moment I claimed runner-up at last year’s event, so this year’s win tastes very sweet!” said Michael.

“I definitely owe a great deal of gratitude to Simon Au-Yeung and the team at Foodco (owner of the Muffin Break franchise brand). Simon and I have put-in a full year of training and research and it is really satisfying to have found a top-quality coffee bean that the judges obviously loved as much as we do!

“I used Single Origin coffee, which has distinct floral and fruity undertones.

“With the medium-light-bodied taste of my Single Origin coffee, combined with the massive support of the Foodco training team and tips and trick from some of the top leaders in coffee, such as Dave Makin, a living legend of the Australian coffee industry… I should have actually expected the win!” added Michael.

All Muffin Break baristas undergo extensive training to ensure top-quality coffee is served every day to Muffin Break customers. This quality training was part of Michael’s prize for winning the 2012 Muffin Break Barista Championships.

As the reigning ‘DaVinci Coffee-Chain Champion,’ Michael has returned to Muffin Break Robina and is now focused on getting ready for the next major national barista competition.