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Muffin Break now serves plant-based milk

Muffin Break is now serving MILKLAB milk with their coffees and milkshakes all around the country. Growing exponentially in popularity in mainstream Australia, MILKLAB has produced their milk range to complement award-winning coffee.

A handful of Aussie baristas brought the MILKLAB concept to life in 2015; they had customers walking into their cafes with their preferred supermarket milk for their daily coffee hit, and baristas found the milk properties changed when they heated the milk to make coffee. Simultaneously, plant-based and nut-based milks were growing popularity but the ranges available to cafes wasn’t complementary to creating the perfect cup of coffee.

So, they branched out, created a milk profile made specifically for baristas to produce great coffee. How did they go about it? Through collaboration! It was trial and error, inviting baristas, roasters and other coffee industry experts to sample the different milks. They listened to the feedback and made the necessary tweaks.

Customers can choose MILKLAB’s almond and lactose-free milks for their coffee and milkshakes without extra charge across the chain’s more than 210 stores nationwide.

Muffin Break is excited for this collaboration, providing customers what they’ve been asking for.


“We’re looking to evolve the relationship by offering a new product and wider range of plant-based milks,” Foodco’s head of coffee Jeremy Regan said in a statement.

“For us, we wanted to serve the best quality milk that works well  with our award-winning coffee, so we have an offer that tastes really good, works well, and that the customer wants”, adds Jeremy.