Muffin Break Pledges ‘No Extra Charge For Soy’ Coffee


Coffee-loving soy milk drinkers across the nation are saying ‘sayonara’ to the soy milk surcharge imposed by most coffee-chains which typically charge consumers 60 cents more for soy per cup of coffee.

Breaking the industry-wide trend in support of its soy-sipping customers, Muffin Break has pledged no extra charge for soy in any type of coffee sold at any Muffin Break café across Australia.

The result of a noticeably-solid and growing increase in soy coffee sales, Muffin Break’s bold ‘no extra charge for soy’ campaign concurs with a mounting number of Aussies who are considering dumping dairy for soy.

According to a recent independent survey commissioned by Muffin Break, one in four Australian coffee drinkers would definitely consider switching to soy milk if it incurred no added cost to their daily coffee intake.

“Frankly, all coffee-lovers should be able to savour the taste of our freshly-ground and award-winning coffee, regardless of their preference in coffee-type,” said Muffin Break National Brand Manager, John Macphail.

“Some may say the industry-standard soy milk surcharge is justified given the cost of soy in comparison to regular milk, but the undeniably-existent frustration of having no option but to pay more for soy coffee – especially when non-soy milk isn’t an option for health reasons – is just as understandable.

“With our ‘no extra charge for soy’ promise, Muffin Break is raising the bar in support of soy drinkers and I am so proud our brand is in such a strong position that we’re able to do so,” added Mr Macphail.