The latest ownership figures show that JUMP! Swim Schools are heavily owned by women and mothers. In fact, a whopping 76 per cent of franchises are owned by mums – and almost all franchisees in the network are parents.

Continuing the trend, all new franchisee enquiries received in 2021 have been from parents.

“As we secure an average of 2-3 new sites per month, we’re finding that all of these are mums,” says JUMP! Swim Schools CEO Mark Collins.




“The format of JUMP! Swim Schools really appeals to mothers and families with kids, because the business hours can be managed around family commitments, leaving that important space for family time in the mornings and evenings. There’s not a lot of franchise options that allow that level of flexibility.” JUMP! Swim Schools is expecting interest from this market to continue due to the impacts of covid as well.

According to a recent survey by Gartner HR, one quarter of Australian employees are seeking a new job, with work-life balance being the number one driver.

“Many families are considering their options moving forward and seeking out alternatives that give that level of flexibility as they reevaluate their work-life balance and look to move away from careers that may be demanding more of their time or requiring them to start commuting to the city again,” said Mark.

“Feedback from our owners also shows that our franchisees get a lot of satisfaction out of the type of work that JUMP! Swim Schools involves – helping children get life-saving swim skills and working with kids and families on a daily basis is very rewarding. People are looking to do meaningful work that they are passionate about and working with kids delivers just that.”



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