NANOTEK cleans up!


NANOTEK cleans up at the 2012 Australian International Motor Show

Australian owned franchise Nanotek showcased its reputation as an advanced car cleaner as the preferred choice for motor companies Holden, HSV, Opel and Suzuki at the Australian International Motor Show (AIMS) in Sydney.

As global motor companies reveal the very latest in car design and debut concept cars at the biggest motor show on the Australian calendar, Nanotek showcased the very best in car cleaning technology.

Nanotek CEO Jim Cornish said it was the eighth year Nanotek detailed the leading stands at the automotive show.

“Motor companies want the best in car detailing to have their cars absolutely shine for the public and that’s why we have relationships spanning years with most of them.” he said Suzuki Australia Communications Controller, Bridget O’Connor said Suzuki was delighted to have Nanotek on board for the exhibition this year.

“We’ve used Nanotek for product launches and general detailing for the last six years because it allows us to show off our product range to its best potential and we’re looking forward to working with them at this year’s show,” she said.

Mr Cornish said the spray-on liquid polymer cleaner gave Nanotek its appeal. “Our advanced liquid polymer nano technology product leaves cars with a high quality, professional finish and that’s what gives us our edge.”

“Nanotek franchise owners across the country enjoy the benefits of repeat business with local companies that enjoy the finish of the service, which is why Nanotek is a great opportunity for people looking to own their own business.”

Nanotek’s spray-on liquid polymer nano technology encapsulates and lifts dirt from the car’s surface and acts as a lubricant to prevent scratching, resulting in a superior clean and a protective coating.