New Aussie Partnership set to take Healthy Choices to New Heights


Australia’s largest healthy fast food chain, SumoSalad has taken to the sky with a new partnership that will see its salads available on selected Jetstar Australia flights from today.

The partnership sees two leading Australian companies join forces to further their shared philosophy in their respective fields of travel, and convenient healthy food with a value based, quality offering that is accessible to all Australians.

“With over 100 SumoSalad stores nationally, and a recent partnership that saw our salads available in an additional 350 fast food outlets around the country we had to think of what would be next for us. SumoSalad is on a journey to provide Australians with healthy, quality fresh food that is convenient. We want Australians to make better eating choices every day, especially when travelling – so we have brought healthy to them!” said Luke Baylis, co-founder and CEO of the pioneering health food retailer.

“We know the food scene in Australia has changed dramatically since we started flying 11 years ago and our menu has evolved along with it,” added Carly Povey, Head of Product, Jetstar Group.

“In that time we’ve moved from the old limited trolley-service only, to now offer an expanded pre-order menu ensuring customers can select their first choice of meal in advance, including a new range of vegetarian options.

“Our customers are at the heart of what we do, and what better way to have them travel in comfort and arrive feeling great than to include a healthier option from SumoSalad.”

Three of SumoSalad’s most popular salads will be introduced on board selected Jetstar Australia flights and include; Chicken Basil Penne, Pumpkin & Couscous and Lentil Salad.

“People understand it’s not only about making choices that affect your long term health, but about how great you can feel if you choose nutritious, protein rich foods that help bolster your hydration levels, especially when travelling. People want to feel comfortable during the flight and arrive feeling the best they can”, added Resident Dietitian for SumoSalad, Georgina Moore.

For convenience and a more personalised experience, inflight travellers can pre-order during the booking process or on up until 24 hours before departure. For a limited time only, customers can also grab one on board.