Celebrating the little-known fact that New Zealand is the most franchised country in the world, author Pete Burdon’s new book tips its hat to successful NZ franchisors.

In the best-selling book, “New Zealand’s Top Franchise Leaders, Secrets Revealed,” top franchise leaders from different niches share their experiences and valuable advice.

In his book, Burdon writes that some of New Zealand’s top franchises have received a huge increase in enquiries since Covid-19, including redundant workers looking to buy their own business. 

CrestClean was one of these. “We’ve seen significant and continually increasing interest from prospective franchisees with enquiries reaching 400 per month, many of them women,” said managing director Grant McLauchlan. 

Driving Miss Daisy also noticed this trend. “We’ve had an increase in enquiries and some excellent quality coming from former Airline staff, travel industry people and others from various sources, some who have been made redundant and others just making a “change of life” decision,” said company director Jack Harper.

“It’s clear from the book that a huge part of the success of these leaders and franchising in general is the need for franchisors to look after franchisees to the point where they are almost treated like part of the family,” said author Burdon.

The book explores the stories of franchise leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and reveals their secrets to building wealth and success in franchising.