2021 provides a unique opportunity for businesses to rebuild even stronger workforces by recruiting employees with disability.

“Australians living with disability have often been overlooked in recruitment, with a 48% employment rate compared to 80% of the general public,” said Steve Carder, General Manager DES of leading Disability Employment Service, atWork Australia. “This is a missed opportunity as these workers have proven to be hugely beneficial to businesses’ productivity, staff turnover and bottom line.”

“Hiring a person with disability shouldn’t be seen as an issue to be overcome, but an opportunity to build stronger teams,” he added. “It’s well documented that employees with disability generate less turnover and a superior attendance over their peers.”

These benefits are echoed in other research, including a 2018 US study1 which showed that businesses were four times as likely to outperform their competitors’ shareholder returns if they prioritised the inclusion of those living with disability. These businesses achieved an average of 28% higher revenue, 30% higher profit margins and double the net income. Additionally, the average company that employs people with disability see staff retention go up by 90%6, which allows them to focus on their business and not ‘revolving door’ recruitment.

atWork Australia’s Disability Awareness Training empowers businesses to build a more accessible and inclusive workplace and support employees with a disability. The cost-free sessions include an interactive Q&A webinar, and cover topics such as enhancing awareness and knowledge of disability, challenging attitudes, gaining practical tools and strategies to make the workplace accessible to all.