New Organiser for Franchising Expo


The Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo has new owners and they are promising to return the event to its rightful place as the pre-eminent showcase for franchisors, service suppliers and potential franchisees.

The new owner is Specialised Events, a dynamic exhibition company that specialises in business events, including the popular Foodservice Australia show. Specialised Events have acquired the expo from Diversified Exhibitions, who launched it back in 1987.

Managing Director Tim Collett says the show is a perfect fit with the Specialised Events portfolio. He commented, “The shows are still in great shape, but we look forward to adding a new level of energy and innovation that will deliver more business for exhibitors and information for visitors.”

The company has appointed Fiona Stacey as Exhibition Manager. Fiona ran the show from 1993 to 2005 and will be well known to many in the franchising community. She says she is looking forward to being involved again.

Fiona noted, “These events are the perfect place to showcase all the different franchising options available. I just love seeing the excitement of people’s faces when they discover a new business opportunity, or an exhibitor finds a new franchisee.”

She added, “The franchising model has improved over the years and the industry is much larger than it was a decade ago. I think the shows are more relevant than ever and I look forward to introducing some new ideas that will make them even better.”

Franchise Council of Australia Chief Operating Officer, Kym De Britt says the association is delighted that the shows have a new organiser with the passion and experience to take them to the next level. He said, “We have been closely involved in the handover and are confident this is the right move for the industry.”

Matt Pearce from Diversified Exhibitions has said of the change of ownership that it was time for Diversified to focus on other events, commenting, “We have enjoyed a long association with the franchising industry but think this change will be good for the show and allow us to invest in our larger shows and emerging industries.”
He added, “I want to thank all those companies who have supported the event over the last twenty years and wish them well with their future plans. We believe the new organisers are well placed to keep the shows growing and meeting their needs.”

Fiona says she has been working closely with the Franchise Council and Diversified to ensure a smooth handover and added “Everyone has been really supportive and focused on a positive outcome. The show has a proud history and nobody wants to lose that.”