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Ninja Parc expands its offering with ‘Ninja Parcade’

The Ninja Parc franchise is rolling out Ninja Parcade to its existing sites across the country and including the offering as an add-on for new franchise sites. Ninja Parcade is a dedicated arcade game space within the Ninja Parc footprint, consisting of approximately 10-20 arcade games. The new feature aims to expand the fun available for families under one roof while also expanding the revenue opportunities for franchisees, said Ninja Parc Founder John Pirlo.


“Parcade will allow families to extend the fun time at Ninja Parc and also ensure everyone in the family can be entertained, regardless of their age, preference or mood,” said John. “The feature allows franchisees to get even more out of their investment alongside other programs and features like the onsite café, birthday parties, school holiday programs and the Ninja Parc League Championship events. “It’s the same Ninja Parc…just packed with more fun.” Ninja Parcade is open to everyone and the machines offer the ability to pay via tap or coin.


Ninja Parcade is already up and running at Ninja Parc Newcastle.


For more information visit: Ninja Parc