No Dairy, No Problem – Gelatissimo Launch Decadent & Creamy New Vegan Range


Gelatissimo has expanded its vegan gelato range with two new decadent vegan-friendly flavours that launched in stores. Set to accompany the existing range of refreshing vegan sorbets, these two new flavours (with one more on the way) are the first of a new indulgent and creamy vegan range, introduced to ensure that anyone and everyone can enjoy a scoop or three, regardless of their health or dietary preferences.

The two new flavours, Caramel Mudcake and Triple Chocolate, have been carefully formulated with a combination of coconut and soy milk that result in a perfectly balanced and rich plant-based gelato. But all dietary preferences aside, the flavours are so delicious that even the most experienced gelato connoisseur won’t mind that the dairy is missing.

Now to get your mouths watering – Caramel Mudcake is a creamy vegan caramel gelato flavoured with caramelised sugar and loaded with actual chunks of golden-brown vegan caramel mud cake. The final result? The perfect combination of sweet caramel, smooth gelato and a soft chewy texture. Next in line is Triple Chocolate, which unsurprisingly involves a whole lot of vegan chocolate. This rich chocolate gelato is made using premium West African cocoa, sprinkled with vegan dark chocolate morsels and drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce. This decadent gelato is dusted with cocoa powder to finish it all off, because what’s a little more chocolate for good measure?

“We’re seeing more and more demand for flavours that cater to a wide range of health and dietary preferences,” says Gelatissimo CEO, Filipe Barbosa. “We pride ourselves on having something for everyone and this is just another step in that direction.”

These decadent new flavours join Gelatissimo’s existing vegan sorbet range which includes Green Apple, Lemon, Mango, Passionfruit, Raspberry, Strawberry, Sunkissed Coconut and the 96 per cent Sugar Free Chocolate and 98 per cent Sugar Free Strawberry options. The new flavours will be available across all 47 Australian stores for a limited time only.