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Online customer review sparks national response by Soul Origin

After an online customer review about the amount of Vegemite on morning toast went viral on social media yesterday, sparking a national debate on TV, Soul Origin has responded in a very Australian way.

There are sure to be plenty of happy little Vegemites across Australia with Soul Origin announcing that it will be offering a free slice of Vegemite toast today (3 April) with every coffee purchase! 

“There’s nothing more Australian than Vegemite on toast, but it’s no secret that everyone has their own personal way of enjoying this national delicacy,” says Soul Origin CEO Chris Mavris.
“Some enjoy a light spread of Vegemite whereas others eat it by the spoonful. Then there’s the question of whether the butter should go on first or on top of the Vegemite (or both). Australia’s love for Vegemite doesn’t stop with toast, either. The household staple is often paired with cheese or avocado, used on sandwiches and even in spaghetti!”


Get in quick: Soul Origin is offering a free slice of Vegemite toast with every coffee purchase on 3 April.

“Soul Origin stores nationwide are excited to be offering free Vegemite toast to every customer purchasing coffee and we are keen to find out more about the many different ways our customers like to enjoy this celebrated Australian product,” says Chris Mavris. 

“So, if you are grabbing coffee or brekkie on the run make sure you stop in to your local Soul Origin store and let the team know how you like your Vegemite toast.”

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