Oporto spooning Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream


The 30 year anniversary of Oporto wasn’t celebrated with cake… it was celebrated with ICE CREAM – lots and lots of legend-airy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – thanks to Oporto customers.

To enhance the customer experience, Oporto wanted to partner with an ice cream brand to provide a new major dessert offering for customers – because nothing is better than flame grilled chilli chicken followed by the taste and texture of delicious ice cream. But rather than the marketing department deciding which brand to approach, through social media Oporto asked their customers what they wanted. The overwhelming response was that they wanted Ben & Jerry’s.

Vanessa Rowed, Head of Oporto Marketing, said “We were absolutely thrilled that our customers wanted what we wanted – Ben & Jerry’s! From a brand alignment perspective we felt Ben & Jerry’s was the ideal fit -They care just as much as we do about quality and taste and they are the chunkiest and swirliest ice cream around!. Flame grilled chilli chicken followed by Ben & Jerry’s ice cream… now THAT’S the taste of summer right there.”

The partnership marks a milestone for Ben & Jerry’s as this is the first time they have partnered with a QSR brand in Australia as the brand continues its growth in domestic popularity following its ongoing international success.

Ricky Rosen, Brand Manager, Ben & Jerry’s, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Oporto as we see a lot of synergies in values between both brands and we share a similar vision. This includes living by our motto: “love your customer more than they love you”. At Ben & Jerry’s, we have a commitment to respecting the product we serve making the most fantastic, chunkiest and swirliest ice cream around, which goes hand in hand with Oporto who have a fine tradition in making fantastic flavour-filled food! Our collaboration will mirror our business objective of “linked prosperity”, an objective in which communities, customers and both businesses will all benefit equally.”

 Ben & Jerry’s will be available in Oporto stores across the country* from Monday 17 October.