Paint and Sip Studios enhances the wellness of both franchisees and customers


Over the past three years, Paint and Sip Studios has been busy behind the scenes undertaking a broad analysis of the opportunities in the art events market to develop a business that would enhance the lives of its franchisees as well as its customers.




“The paint and sip industry has really taken off within the last three years, creating a totally new avenue for social interaction. We first saw the industry exploding in the US market, and knew it would be perfect for Australia,” says Kathy Chalker, Founder and Franchisor, Paint and Sip Studios. This consumer demand has led to a business opportunity for Kathy who first launched as a mobile operation in 2018 before opening her first studio in Newcastle, New South Wales, that same year.

Since then, Kathy has opened a second studio in Penrith, with franchise studios Rockhampton and Liverpool launching soon after.

“Expanding Paint and Sip Studios is something I am extremely passionate about and franchising is such a natural pathway to grow a business. It also doesn’t require anyone to be naturally artistic, just enthusiastic about providing 5-star experience,” says Kathy. “As a franchise business, our philosophy is about making our customers feel good and providing a memorable art event experience through simple, special moments regardless of the occasion.”

While starting a new business from scratch can be daunting, Paint and Sip Studios offer an unparalleled franchising experience for prospective owners, namely the support they provide to their franchisees and the manner in which they provide it.

The whole team has a deep-rooted mentality of caring about their franchisees and being open and honest in their communications with franchisees. This passion for their franchisees stems from the Founder. For Kathy, it has always been about understanding what the franchisees are looking to achieve, listening to them and their customers to learn how they can get better as a system, having open dialogues with franchisees and then putting support structures in place to help them achieve their goals. It doesn’t stop there, once a tactical plan is in place, the head office team is very good at ensuring they have regular follow up to mentor franchisees to their goals.

“Franchising provides the opportunity to take on the challenge of running a business while being supported. In a climate where there is still so much unpredictability in the workplace, and despite the challenges that COVID-19 has unearthed, opportunities arise. We want to let people know that there are options available to them if they find themselves unemployed and are looking for their next challenge,” says Kathy. “I have personally undertaken the journey of choosing to take the big step and go into business for myself, so I understand the decisions our franchisees are making.”

“Running a successful business can appear daunting; you have to know who your customer is, give them the best quality service at the right price to retain their loyalty, while recruiting, training and motivating your own team, keeping a top of expenses, complying with all the regulatory requirements, keeping up to date on government legislation and new developments in your industry segment, all the while watching your competitors and then finding time for your personal life! While that can be very challenging, personally I find that if you keep it simple and just ask yourself: ‘If I was a customer or a team member, is that the way I would expect to be treated?’  Then everything else is just part of the business and the rewards can be fantastic, not just financially but also emotionally and physically,” explains Kathy.

Not expecting to fall into the franchising industry, let alone the paint and sip area is Siva Kamma, franchisee of Paint and Sip Studios, Liverpool.

“During a time of uncertainty, we found ourselves in a position where we needed a source of stable income and an opportunity to manage our own careers. Paint and Sip studios equipped us with the tools to create an experience for customers that was second to none while also giving us the chance to grow our business,” says Siva. “Owning a franchise has been a great way to get started in business. As well as the chance to earn money, franchising offers pride of ownership, influence within the community and an opportunity to take charge of one’s career. We offer uniquely tailored experiences for any occasion including hen’s parties, baby showers to corporate team building events. We also have a selection of themed art events, which are hands-on fun for all ages and abilities, and we regularly have guest artists to further inspire our budding artists. Kids parties are especially fun – and very messy!”

There are a number of elements which make up the recipe for success. Paint and Sip franchisees are offered a fixed price turn-key investment, so costs are known upfront before they proceed. The emphasis is on providing an experience that does not require a lot of labour or time to prepare, the online booking and payment service means the franchisee runs a cashless business and can focus on creating fun, engaging, and memorable customer experiences.

Advice from Kathy for a future franchisee would be to “make sure you talk to existing franchisees in the group. It surprises me how many potential franchisees do not do this. A franchise agreement is a long-term relationship and you want to find out as much about your partner as you possibly can, before taking that giant step.”

In terms of what is success to Paint and Sip Studios? “We see success when a customer walks away from our studio feeling better than when they arrived. We made their special moment,” explains Kathy.