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Pie Face signs with development partners for Indian market

Aylett and Grover will manage Pie Face India Pvt Ltd, acting as the Pie Face liaison on the ground and developing the Indian market by appointing Indian Master Franchisees (IMF’s) for specific territories throughout India. Both Aylett and Grover have extensive food, beverage and hospitality experience in the Indian, Asian and Australian markets.

“We are very pleased to appoint Rick Aylett and Ajay Grover as our Development Partners to help secure the best possible retail partners for the territory. The Indian market is beginning to develop in terms of QSR food brands expanding through the market. The territory has a very large and growing middle class of over 170 million people, and represents a significant long term growth opportunity for the company.” said Pie Face CEO, Wayne Homschek.

Pie Face India has begun discussions with prospective IMF’s and will carefully choose the right partners with the required experience, expertise, and resources to ensure the Pie Face brand is successful in the market.

“We believe the Pie Face brand and offering will be very successful in the Indian market. While a large portion including the sweet products would already be ideal, a new range will be tailored to meet the Indian customer’s tastes, with special attention paid to developing an extensive range of vegetarian pies. There are no beef or pork products on the Indian menu. The brand will have strong appeal to all ages, especially the young adult market which comprises of over two thirds of the Indian population.” Ajay Grover comments.