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Pizza Capers Named Nation’s Best Quick Service Restaurant

Pizza Capers have emerged victorious from the pizza wars that have been dominating the Australian pizza market in recent months, taking out the title of the nation’s Quick Service Restaurant of the Month for the second month in a row.

Following on from Pizza Capers’ fifth consecutive Canstar Blue win in 2015, last week’s announcement of the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction awards for June indicates that the brand’s long-held commitment to producing high quality, gourmet products is resonating with consumers.

While big chain competitors are attempting to distract consumers with gimmicky technology, Queensland’s favourite pizza chain, Pizza Capers, is challenging the status quo by standing up for consumers’ right to great quality pizzas.

Pizza Capers General Manager Sunny Olak said the brand recently launched a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign that highlights consumers’ desire for taste and quality.

“Our new consumer champion, the delivery driver “Tracker Tracker”, tracks big chain pizza delivery drivers and replaces ‘crappy’ pizzas with high-quality, gourmet Pizza Capers pizzas,” he said.

“The big pizza players are focused on their battle techniques, including technological warfare and cutting costs to compete with each other, but at Pizza Capers we’re bringing the focus back to good quality, generously topped pizzas, and having a laugh along the way.”

Sunny said the brand is proud of its consecutive Quick Service Restaurant of the Month awards in May and June, and the achievement is evidence that Pizza Capers is giving customers exactly what they want.

“You don’t need to be blessed with advanced urban tracking skills like the Tracker Tracker to realise that consumers aren’t as impressed by technology, snazzy social media campaigns, or even price points, as they are by a decent pizza,” he said.

The Roy Morgan award recognises retailers that go the extra mile to satisfy and meet the needs of their customers and are revealed to be leaders in their industry.

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