Poké Me Is Ready To Take On Australia


Poké Me is ready to take on Australia

Poké Me has become a household staple for the lucky people of Melbourne and Adelaide and they’re ready to take on the rest of Australia!

Get ready to be health-conscious Australia! The Poké Me team are here to do more than serve up delicious food, Founders Toby Yap & Leigh Morgan are passionate about shaking up the health food scene and spreading their footprint. Within six months of opening their first South Yarra restaurant, they knew that this was going to be something big, and they couldn’t have been more right!

“In Australia alone, over 65% of the population is classified as being obese and this is predicted to climb to 85% by 2025. Change needs to happen now and we see Poké Me as being a leader in this change. We want to show people across all areas and demographics that you can eat a balanced, healthy, fulfilling and delicious meal that won’t break the bank. Our goal is to grow a strong tribe of licensees across Australia who share our vision of fresh, healthy and most importantly delicious food.” Says Toby.

Poké Me has seen significant growth since its inception in 2016. The model has now evolved to become a fully immersive Health Bowl Bar, serving up a large selection of delicious healthy ingredients  that allow loyal customers to have fun, get creative and eat something that they really, truly enjoy.

By following trends and knowing what Australians need and love, this brand has seen great success across their three existing locations, which has laid the foundations for franchising. With a number of new franchise locations confirmed, the group intends to amplify their presence across Australia in all major cities and popular suburbs.

They plan to open 5 new Health Bowl Bars on the Eastern seaboard this year, with a real possibility of Poké Me stores popping up in almost every state come 2019! This is an opportunity for you to join  the tribe and spread the Poké Me vibe Australia-wide.