PoolWerx Dives into 2012


Australian pool and spa care franchise, PoolWerx, operates the world’s largest network of retail stores and mobile service vans and is about to get even bigger.

The franchise, which offers customers a complete range of pool products, equipment installation, maintenance and repairs as well as chemical delivery, is preparing for significant international expansion.

PoolWerx CEO and Founder, John O’Brien, said the overseas growth had been planned for some time.

“We always intended to take the business global and were close a few years ago but when the GFC hit we had to shelve our plans temporarily,” he said.

“Now that market conditions have shifted, we are currently finalising arrangements to take PoolWerx to the USA and Brazil. This will position PoolWerx as a truly global brand and really take our business to the next level.”

The expansion is the culmination of 20 years of innovation for the franchise, founded by Mr O’Brien in 1992.

“We created the world’s first ‘Career path in franchising,’ giving franchise partners the opportunity to grow within a single marketing area or develop a number of profitable businesses with multiple vans, retail stores and marketing areas.

“Tony and Michelle Graham, from PoolWerx Samford in Queensland, who are featured on the cover, are a perfect example of the PoolWerx career path. They have built their PoolWerx business from the ground up, from just one mobile service van in 2002 to what is now a multi-million dollar business incorporating four retail stores and five mobile service vans across six franchise marketing areas,” stated Mr O’Brien.

In 2010 PoolWerx introduced the ‘Evosus’ computer system to the franchise network. The system, which was a $250,000 investment for the company, is now the universal point-of-sale and data management platform for all PoolWerx franchises.

Mr O’Brien remarked, “We searched all over the world looking for the perfect system that could combine point-of-sale, CRM and stock management in one package. The Evosus platform has been developed for our unique blend of mobile and retail services and PoolWerx is the only company in Australia using this advanced system.”

In late 2011 PoolWerx launched its online store – www.poolwerx.com – which offers the full range of products and services available at any ‘bricks and mortar’ PoolWerx retail store.

“Instead of bemoaning the rapid rise of e-commerce in Australia, we wanted to ensure PoolWerx was a market leader in the online space. We spent more than a year developing our e-store, which gives customers access to the full range of PoolWerx products and services. We even offer a free delivery and installation service with any online purchase.”

Mr O’Brien said these advances in the PoolWerx business, combined with the company’s aggressive growth strategy, makes PoolWerx the perfect choice for aspiring business owners interested in franchising.

“PoolWerx has a proven model for success which is demonstrated every day by our hundreds of high performing franchises across Australia and New Zealand.”

For an investment of $93,950, new PoolWerx franchise partners can own and operate a single mobile service van generating revenue through mobile servicing and then look to expand their business with multi-mobile units and retail stores.

“No prior knowledge of pools and spas is necessary; we provide full training for our new franchise partners in an intense three week course before they start in their new business,” said Mr O’Brien. “When you enter a PoolWerx franchise agreement, you’re not buying a job, you’re investing in a business with a proven career path that can be hugely rewarding.”

PoolWerx has more than 300 franchises across Australia and New Zealand.

For more information about franchise opportunities visit / contact PoolWerx at:

Phone: 1800 245 447
Web: www.poolwerx.com