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Poolwerx partners up 25 per cent

It’s been a busy year for pool servicing franchise Poolwerx. Aside from the second expansion into the U.S, the brand has brought on 20 new franchise partners across Australia, equating to 25 per cent domestic growth for the brand.

CEO of Poolwerx John O’Brien said the use of a new proprietary market segmentation and mapping tool ‘Pool Point’ had opened up opportunities for the franchise in existing and new territories.

“Using this innovation we have identified new territories that did not exist 10 years ago and have identified many more that could be split into multiple territories or where two retail sites could be opened,” he said.

“We made a considerable investment in developing the software that enabled us to process and mine existing data. It’s been regularly refined over the past year but it has already provided a solid return on investment for the business.

“Overall our business has performed against the trend with a double digit growth trajectory. Our predications for the next financial year aim to eclipse that with a 15 percent increase and 12 new franchise partners.”

Mr O’Brien said franchise partners had also benefitted from the use of Pool Point as it was able to determine pockets of growth potential in a territory by directly pinpointing the location of pool owners and competitors.

“Our franchise partners have been able to assess the potential for growth in their areas and adjust their goals and business plans accordingly. In some instances, it has also helped us realise that retail stores could be better located to maximise market penetration.

“Pool Point has also proven to be a great business development tool as we can provide potential franchise partners with a very accurate assessment of a territory now.”