Prestigious New Zealand Broker to Represent Worldwide Franchise Insurance Brokers


Worldwide Franchise Insurance Brokers (WFIB) signs Rothbury Insurance Brokers (NZ) to represent the growing international model that originated from the successful online solution of National Franchise Insurance Brokers in Australia

“We are really pleased that negotiations have brought such a successful brokerage in Rothbury to represent us in the New Zealand franchise insurance space”, says Darryl Morris International Director.

Many successful franchise brands are represented in both Australia and New Zealand and it was critical to have a simplified insurance solution to support the Australian businesses operating in that region. Australian franchisors using National Franchise Insurance Brokers (NFIB) we were  wanting a solution for their Brand in NZ and Rothbury recognized the success of NFIB and were quick to seal a deal.

“NFIB in Australia has shown us the success that is possible for all stakeholders, being Franchisor, franchisee and insurer, and that online technology can bring significant cost reductions to the transaction improving customer relations. . Embracing the Australian model under the Brand Worldwide Franchise Insurance Brokers will give us the edge we have been looking for” says Doug Thompson, Executive Director Corporate Development.