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Python and Java Among The MOST ‘Self-Mastered’ Coding Languages

Being able to code and programme is one of the most lucrative skills you can teach yourself in the current job market, and many are turning to YouTube and Google to teach themselves the intricacies of these technical crafts.

This led to investigate which programming languages people are most wanting to teach themselves. Specops Software gathered data from using their Google and YouTube Keyword explorer tools to reveal the final results.

What is the most sought-after programming language? found that the demand for people wanting to learn the language Python is largest! Python has the most Global searches on Google (182,000 monthly searches) and YouTube ( 53,000 monthly searches) to give the highest combined volume of  235,000 each month.

In second position, is the phrase: ‘Learn Java’ with 64,000 Google searches and 20,000 YouTube searches. Equating to a total volume of 84,000 monthly.

In third place is the programming language  C++ with a combined total of 56,000 searches from people looking to learn. A breakdown of that figure equates to 48,000 Google searches and 8,400 YouTube searches each month.

SQL, PHP, and R place in fourth, fifth and sixth place with the combined Google and YouTube searches reaching 45,000, 31,400, and 14,000 respectively.


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