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Q&A with Thermawood’s newest member of the franchise network – Joel Smith

It’s business as usual for Thermawood in Australia with multiple projects underway and new franchise locations operating. The team recently welcomed new franchise partners to the international network with Joel Smith securing a popular Victorian territory and William Gordon taking over the state master franchise rights in Tasmania.


We spoke to Joel Smith to find out more about his thoughts on joining the Thermawood team and what the franchise sales process entailed to secure his Melbourne franchise territory.


Congratulations Joel, on becoming a franchisee with Thermawood! How does it feel to be part of the team?


Great, it’s been a fun few months!


What led you to deciding to become a franchisee with Thermawood? Can you tell us about the franchise sales process?


It’s a great opportunity for anyone willing to learn something new and have a go! The product is tried and tested, the network is already in place. The sales process wasn’t a sales process, it was an education process and that’s the way it should be! There’s nothing to hide and that’s what was important to me – it comes back to Thermawood being a great product!


What decisions did you consider when buying a franchise?


I asked the important questions like “Who are you going into business with and what do they want/ expect from you?” With this, I also wondered, “what can I expect from them, what do I need from them?”


What are you looking forward to, as you start this new business journey?




How did you find out about the franchise opportunity?


I drove past an active site, pulled the car over and asked some questions. Then I did some independent research and called Jacki Cook who is the state master of Thermawood in Victoria. She answered all my questions.


If you’re interested in joining the Thermawood team, contact us to find out more.