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QLD retailer awarded 7-Eleven National Franchisee of the Year

Queensland’s Daniel Saleh was awarded 7-Eleven’s 2014 National Franchisee of the Year award yesterday. Daniel was recognised for delivering outstanding sales and customer service, and for his passion for growing his Parkwood store on the Gold Coast. He was also recognised in October as the top Franchisee in Queensland.

7-Eleven’s annual Franchisee of the Year Program recognises the top performing Franchisees in the network. These Franchisees set the benchmark for convenience retail by growing sales, improving store standards, and providing excellent customer service. The Franchisees who were recognised as part of the program have given customers an outstanding experience every time they visit.

The award was presented by 7-Eleven Chief Executive Officer, Warren Wilmot, and General Manager of Operations, Natalie Dalbo.

“I’m blown away with the recognition that not only is my Parkwood store the best in Queensland, but the best in the country,” said Daniel. “I’m so thankful to 7-Eleven for these awards.”

Natalie said Daniel is a great retailer, who delivers a fabulously presented store, and provides a fantastic experience for his customers.

“Daniel works with his team to deliver an outstanding experience in his stores. He and his team make sure they focus on exceeding customer expectations in all areas, including customer service and store standards. Having been with our network for more than 12 years, and running two successful stores, including Parkwood, Daniel is a very worthy recipient of our national award,” said Natalie.

Yesterday’s award ceremony in Melbourne also saw the inaugural inductions into 7-Eleven’s Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame recognises 7-Eleven’s long-term Franchisee partners who have contributed significantly to the success of the business over many years, on many levels.

7-Eleven Chairman, Russ Withers, presented the inductees with their awards.

The inaugural inductees are:

– Arthur & Fran Dimopoulos – Victoria

– Erdal Ismail – Victoria

– Johnny Singh – New South Wales

– Michael Wang – New South Wales

– Theresa Zhou – Victoria

– Vinod & Veena Kumar – Victoria

– Wijitha & Frances Perera – Victoria