Queenslanders turn ambition into action at the Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo


Anyone who’s ever dreamed of being their own boss, or turning their small business into an empire, will find plenty to inspire them at the Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo which runs at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on the weekend of 20-21 July.

“The Brisbane Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo will give visitors the opportunity to compare and research a diverse range of franchise opportunities with investment levels from under $10,000 to more than $500,000,” says Exhibition Manager Fiona Stacey.

According to the Franchising Industry Council, Franchising has been remarkably successful in Australia, with Australia and New Zealand having the world’s highest per capita penetration of franchised systems in the world.

The sector is a major contributor to the Australian economy – with 1180 franchise systems achieving $131 billion in annual turnover and earning $300 million each year in export income. There are around 73,000 franchisees which employ more than 400,000 people. In addition the indirect economic impact of franchising has been estimated at almost $4 billion annually.

“Franchises dot our landscape and meet thousands of our goods and service needs every day,” says Suzanne Jarzabkowska, CEO of DC Strategy which is a consulting, legal and recruitment firm that specialises in franchising.  

“Australia is one of the most heavily franchised countries per capita in the world,” she says. “And maybe that’s because we are also one of the most risk-averse nations globally, which combined with the fact that Aussies really like to be their own boss, makes franchising such a winner.”

Jarzabkowska will be sharing her insights as part of the expo’s seminar programme, with free sessions running throughout the two days of the show. The strong lineup of experienced and knowledgeable franchisors, franchisees and service providers includes John O’Brien from Poolwerx, Sarah Cobb from Cariblue, David Lindsay from Salts of the Earth, Grant Garroway from The Franchise Shop and industry consultant Brian Keen.

In addition the seminars will include a series of FCA Franchise Success Panels, where successful franchisees and franchisors from different systems will discuss their journeys and reasons behind selecting their chosen businesses. The Franchise Council of Australia will also provide further insight into the franchising industry to help visitors decide whether franchising is right for them.

Visitors will also benefit from one-on-one sessions available at the Franchising Advice Centre, where they can talk to a legal or financial expert about their business ideas for 20 minutes for free.

“From purchasing a franchise, to turning a small business into a thriving network, to registering a trademark, to resolving a dispute in a current franchise relationship or understanding how to recruit the right franchisees – the Advice Centre will have highly qualified and experienced consultants and lawyers available throughout the entire Expo” says Suzanne Jarzabkowska.

Exhibition Manager Fiona Stacey adds that visitors who decide a traditional franchise operation is not right for them, can still learn about a wide range of other opportunities to earn additional income.

“With the job market getting harder and lifestyles changing many people are looking to start their own business. The market downturn has also created opportunities for smart operators. This show gives people a chance to look at the possibilities. It’s really time to stop dreaming and start doing” she says. 

The Brisbane Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo is on Saturday 20 July – Sunday 21 July, 10am-5pm, at the Brisbane Convention Exhibition Centre. Entry is $15 at the door or free if you register online before 19 July.

For more information go to www.franchisingexpo.com.au

Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo