Red Rooster Joins the Ebike Revolution


Red Rooster are adding to their fleet of delivery vehicles with the introduction of three hundred EBikes to restaurants all over Australia in 2018.

Red Rooster  are not only the roast chicken champions of Australia but are also well on the way to cementing their position as the nation’s most trusted food delivery company.

Over the next few months, a fleet of purpose-built red and white branded electronic bikes (or EBikes) will be hitting Aussie streets. They will be delivering Red Rooster’s iconic roast chicken menu to consumers all over the country and joining our fleet of little red delivery cars.

Red Rooster General Manager of Delivery, Nathan Kelk has stated: “With the introduction of EBikes, Red Rooster is taking its delivery offerings to the next level. Not only are they economical and eco-friendly, but they will play a major role in making the delivery experience even faster and more convenient for our customers.”

At Red Rooster there is a dedicated team working solely on the brand’s delivery platform, channels and operations – resulting in a significant reduction in delivery times in the last year. Technology advances and innovations released recently include ‘reorder your last order’, four-click ordering and GPS tracking.

Giving other brands a genuine run for their money, Red Rooster delivery is now faster than ever before.