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Domino’s latest product quality innovation, DOM Pizza Checker, has now used artificial intelligence and machine learning to successfully scan more than 13 million pizzas; boosting product quality scores by more than 15 per cent (as rated by customers) since launch.

Now in the latest update to this technology – a first for the industry –, customers will be shown a real-time image of their pizza before it’s cut, boxed and hustled out the door, ensuring there are no more ‘surprises’ when it comes to pizza quality and consistency.

Customers will now have complete visibility over their meal from the moment they order – everything from where it is in the making process, to whether it has passed a quality test, what it looks like fresh out of the oven and when it will be delivered.

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said DOM Pizza Checker would work alongside team members to increase product quality and consistency.

“There’s nothing more disappointing than opening a pizza box to find a poorly made pizza; whether it be a lack of cheese, uneven topping distribution, or incorrect toppings all together.

“Our team always strive to get it right, but the reality of a busy store can sometimes mean pizzas go out which are below the high standards we pride ourselves on – and we want to fix that,” Mr Knight said.

“With DOM Pizza Checker keeping an ‘eye’ on product quality, our customers can have greater confidence that their pizza will look as it should – and if it doesn’t, we’ll make it right by making it again.”

DOM Pizza Checker is a smart scanner than sits above the cut bench and uses advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence and sensor technology to make a real-time assessment as to whether a pizza is quality approved – based on pizza type, correct toppings and even distribution.

“There is currently no quick service restaurant in the world that can assure customers their order has passed a quality test and send them an actual image of the meal they will receive,” Mr Knight said.

“When we first announced the concept, people questioned whether the technology would work. One month since our national launch and we’re really pleased with the results; but we want to keep improving, because we’re hungry to be better.”

As of yesterday, all customers across Australia and New Zealand will be able to view a real-time image of their pizza on the cut bench via the Live Pizza Tracker page and as part of this process will be notified whether it has passed a quality test or is being remade.