Ribs & Burgers announces franchising opportunities


Ribs & Burgers announces franchising opportunities

Ribs & Burgers announce have announced that it will offer select franchise opportunities in strategic locations within Australia and internationally through franchisor Blue Coral concepts.

Ribs & Burgers, the descendant of an experienced group of restaurant operators spanning over 30 years is expanding its footprint locally and internationally for the first time since its inception due to popular demand. Ribs & Burgers receives constant inquiries regarding franchising, thus prompting the company to fully prepare all aspects of brand proposition. Hereby presenting a unique partnership opportunity and a first for the company.

From 2011, Ribs & Burgers has successfully grown to 21 stores worldwide, gaining market share in areas of hospitality, dining, experience and customer satisfaction. With 18 stores located in Australia, 1 in UK, and 2 in South Africa, Ribs & Burgers’ strength in these markets stand testament to its honest, quality food and genuine hospitality. Along with steady growth and food innovation, Ribs & Burgers is now ready to invite passionate and experienced partners to join the family and foster growth.

With steady growth as a product, strong operational leadership and a solid business acumen at the heart of the brands offering, the company understand that with these elements controlled, the goal is to now franchise Ribs & Burgers with growth in sites and people within the right locations in Australia and internationally, building on the solid foundation in their home market that is solid and secure.

Blue Coral Concepts, as the franchisor of the brand is committed to recognising, developing and managing bespoke restaurant and fast casual F&B concepts. These unique attributes of its team highlight their breadth of hospitality experience and ability to work closely with the brand management group and fine tune the branded concepts with compelling propositions that enhance the franchise opportunities. Both Ribs & Burgers and Blue Coral Concepts demonstrate strong restaurant operating credentials and a solid history of driving growth and success.

Blue Coral Concepts Executive GM, David Ovens comments “We are excited to take on the franchise opportunities of Ribs & Burgers because we have seen consistent growth in their home market of Australia & look forward to seeing similar performance in our new franchised locations”. Ovens further comments “Our goal is to focus on the financial performance of each individual store by having the right location with the right partners to execute Ribs & Burgers the right way.”

What distinguishes Blue Coral Concepts is their drive and passion in ensuring the brand is successful in its location. “We do franchise in a good way, be actual partners with our franchisee, with a focus on operating performance” says Ovens.

Go to http://bluecoralconcepts.com/ribs-and-burgers/ for more details.