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Roll Out the Red Carpet

The stroke of midnight could prove profitable for Melbourne wannabe entrepreneurs with an Australian first hitting the southern State.

A purpose built Cinderella™ carriage, believed to be the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, will be unveiled at the Melbourne Franchise and Business Expo, next month (28/08/15) before hundreds of expected ticket holders.

Alena Kouzmenkov, the woman behind the $200,000 fairy tale, said the limousine- currently cruising the Gold Coast tourist strip – was in hot demand.

“Women are raised on stories of Cinderella and fairytale weddings,” said Ms Kouzmenkov, who launched the carriage in Queensland six months ago.

“Melbourne brides are repeatedly begging us to deliver them to their weddings, but until now we haven’t been able to grant that wish.”

Ms Kouzmenkov, who entrepreneurial journey over the past 11 years included a multi-million dollar global fast food franchise, said the five-ton car was Australia’s version of the Pope Mobile.

The carriage, which was inspired by the famous Queen Elizabeth’s “Britannica” coach, is made of steel and is safer than your normal car, claimed Ms Kouzmenkov

“While the carriage doesn’t have the bullet-proof glass, it has a large screen TV, full bar facilities and rich red velvet seating for six fairy tale seekers,” she said.

“It may sound a little kitsch but the response would say otherwise, onlookers – both motorists and pedestrians alike – are constantly taking photos, smiling and waving whenever the chariot takes to the streets.”

Weddings alone are a $4.32 billion industry in Australia, as suggests latest …research. “So, the business potential is massive”, said Ms Kouzmenkov. “There are no other cars like Cinderella™ which means no competition.”

“Apart from weddings”, said Ms Kouzmenkov, “we are also servicing school formals, corporate functions, kids birthdays, and any kind of special events”

“This Friday we have been invited to bring some very important guests to the Queensland Annual Music Award Night.”

Ms Kouzmenkov can’t hide her excitement at being a pioneer in the Australian limousine industry.

“This car is really something special and I am so thrilled to be able to introduce it now in Melbourne and set a new benchmark for the local special events industry”.

“I look forward to making dreams come true – both for those that hire the car, and those that take advantage of this business opportunity.”