Rolld Launch “Love the Journey” – a New Look Brand Platform


Australian Vietnamese- inspired QSR, Rolld, has launched a refreshed look and new brand platform titled “Love the Journey”.

The visuals feature hand painted watercolour images that speak to the journey involved in creating the food, from its Vietnamese heritage, to the fresh ingredients that make up the meals. The artistic approach mirrors the authenticity and hand-made aspect that is an integral part of Rolld’s food and brand.

Love the Journey aims to take consumers on a journey to experience Vietnam by featuring a main menu item each month at a reduced price. The upcoming promotions will encourage customers to ‘explore Vietnam, one dish at a time’. In October, Rolld stores nation-wide will be highlighting the Bun (a Vietnamese noodle salad) for $10, with opportunity to ‘Roll into a Meal’ for only $5 to include a standard drink and side.

The Sphere Agency developed the platform, working closely with Rolld Marketing Manager, Katherine Ruiz and Brand Guardian, Angela Hoang through-out the process.

Michael Abdel, Founder and Creative Director of the Sphere Agency, said “Rolld is truly a family-centric brand that is passionate about sharing their Vietnamese heritage and food journey. This new look captures their sense of fun, whilst communicating a more grounded message of cherishing the moments.”

Speaking about the new positioning, Rolld Founder and CEO, Bao Hoang, said, “We love being able to offer people a flavour-filled escape from their day by introducing the tastes and culture of Vietnam. This positioning reflects how we take them on that journey and our philosophy that every day is full of moments that can be special.”

New collateral is now instore. Other elements in the new platform include, Spotify ads and train internals across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Founded in Melbourne CBD in 2012, Rolld Australia offers fresh, and vibrant Vietnamese-inspired fare in the premium QSR category. The company has quickly expanded and is rapidly growing with 62 stores nationwide. Rolld currently has stores in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the A.C.T.