San Churro Helps Aussies ‘Loop in’ Loved Ones Across Borders


Australia’s favourite chocolateria San Churro is helping Aussies keep loved ones in the loop by gifting 20,000 of its new and delicious Churro Loops for FREE* – accompanied by a personalised message to help family and friends stay connected across borders.

Whether looping in with exciting news or simply sharing heartfelt support, this delicious gesture from San Churro will certainly bring a smile to everyone who sends and receives one.

“Over the past few months, all of us have felt the distance brought on by isolation. This week is all about reigniting those connections and keeping loved ones in the loop. And, the only thing better than a made-fresh-to-order traditional Spanish churro is knowing that it was gifted by someone who is thinking of you,” said San Churro CEO Giro Maurici.

To help pay the tasty deed forward, San Churro is also offering nominated loved ones a Buy-One-Get-One-Free* Churro Loop to send back.

San Churro’s new Churro Loop range includes a lineup of drool-worthy flavours, such as:

  • Plain Loopy–churro loop dusted in cinnamon sugar;
  • Chocolate–churro loop covered in traditional chocolate doughnut glaze and chocolate sprinkles;
  • Flamingo –churro loop coated in a chocolate doughnut glaze and Flamingo sprinkles;
  • Kooky Butter–churro loop cased in mouth-watering cookie butter and biscuit crumb;
  • Cookies & Cream– churro loop coated in a traditional chocolate doughnut glaze and crushed Oreos
  • Unicorn –churro loop, melted chocolate glaze decorated with 100s & 1000s

To participate visit to register your details and include a personalised message (until Monday 28 September).